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Safety Equipment for all industries including:
Fabricators, Medical, Medical Equipment,
Energy, Aerospace, Machine Builders, Machining Centers,
Food Service, Automotive/Transportation, Electronics

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Fasteners for all industries including:
Aircraft & Aerospace, Military, Firearms,
Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Machine Tool,
Medical, Optical, Electrical Equipment

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High Visibility Clothing

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Professional Hydration

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Safety Glasses and Goggles

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Welcome to SAMCO

SAMCO is small enough to give personal attention and large enough to supply a diverse offering of products at a lower aquistion cost.

At SAMCO we take pride in our customer service. Give us a try to see why SAMCO is easier to do business with and actually saves you money instead of using the big impersonal catalog and warehouse companies.

  • SAMCO is unique: We are a “Lean Manufacturing” driven distribution  company. This belief system allows us to align ourselves with our customer’s objectives. We are focused on the journey of continuous improvement at both our facility and yours. This translates to being proactive vs reactive which results in improved efficiencies by eliminating/reducing wastes. This practice is ongoing where the goal is to continually reduce cost(s), that go directly to your bottom line.
  • SAMCO equals savings: In the last few programs we have been awarded, we used our customers current pricing and have saved them upwards of 20% overall cost by leaning out their programs. It was agreed that the quoting process was too time consuming and the piece price (price reduction) was a small portion of the overall savings. The bulk of savings comes in all the other “associated costs”, value added vs non-value added that are hidden in most programs.
  • SAMCO is a full line industrial distributor: With a special emphasis in the Fastener and Safety Products (PPE) markets. With an established network of distribution warehouses located  through- out North America, we are able to offer what we feel is one the  premier logistical  solutions in the industry. As a result of this network we are able to keep ever rising freight costs at a minimum while achieving superior on time performances.
  • SAMCO has experience: Our people have over 35 years of providing quality products and establishing top tier VMI programs with world class manufacturers that continue to use our program today.
  • SAMCO makes it easy: Ease of doing business and transparency has been and will continue to be the foundation of SAMCO. There is no hidden agenda with us. Just simply if we help you accomplish your goals then we all benefit. That’s what true partners are!
  • SAMCO keeps it in the USA: We use “domestic manufacturers” whenever possible for all of our products.